Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Damn it

God damn it, next time i see that fucker i'm pulling his tentecles out of his back and shoving them so far up his ass it'll tear him a mouth. Fuck...

I was hanging out at Angela's. I haven't even seen Him in over a week. I figured it was safe to go see her. Me and Angie have been friends forever. We've been watching each others' backs since we were in kindergarten. I beat up her bullies and when a guy breaks my heart, she tears his out.  She knows what i've been going through. By some awesome stroke of luck, He seems to have deceided to leave her alone. Until today.

We were talking. She went to get a drink and i heard her scream bloody murder. No. No no no no fuck no! I was thinking. I got in there and she was on the ground with her shirt shredded and her arms dripping blood onto the floor. I made her get up and helped her clean the cuts out. They weren't too deep. No need for a hospital visit. As soon as she calmed down i asked her what happened. "It just appeared and those things came out of it's back. Oh god Ali, that things after you. It's going to kill you.Oh god, Oh god..." After that she just broke down and cried into my side and mumbled. I don't know what she was saying. I was too pissed. He just crossed the line.

Christian came over about an hour later. He's her boyfriend. He's been our friend since about 4th grade, and he, too, knows everything. I told him what happened and we all just tried to calm down. I stayed for about another hour. I figured he could take care of her. She called me a few minutes ago. Shes ok, and her mom is, of couse, oblivious. I'm going to find that fucker and  tear Him limb from limb. If He goes anywhere near her again...

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