Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ask, and you shall receive, Seek, and you will find.

I asked for this. Begged. Literally fucking begged. I wanted to see Him, to believe in him. Kinda like when you hear a ghost story and every time you go by that shabby house in the car you look in the top window searching for a face or a shadow. Until one day you see a little girl staring back, or, in my case, a tree in a business suit. Your stomach turns and you feel like your going to throw up because you know your fucked. As soon as i saw Him standing there, just hanging out, i knew what was going to happen.

It began so stupidly. Hanging out in a chat room with a bunch of losers. Bored out of my mind. Then, a girl says something about horror stories. It's on. Gotta see who can find the best one and use "Shat Brix" a million times. I was too busy reading them to post one myself. I love horror crap. Then, some chick posts something about Him. Something along the lines of "Now i'm scared and i hear tapping on the window. I hope its not Slender Man!" What? I thought to myself. The almighty google sat atop my screen, just waiting. And so it began. I believe Know Your Meme came first. Then, of course, i just had to look up Marble Hornets. After that, i sat up all night reading blogs and watching vlogs. By 4am, i was scared to look up from my computer screen. All the windows and doors were wide open. There hadn't been a burglary in our neighborhood for over a year, and it was hot as hell. I played Sushi Cat until the sun came up, trying to calm myself down. Eventually, i didn't get scared by things like Marble Hornets or EverymanHYBRID anymore. So i started wishing for him to show up. The rest is history.

I made this blog to try to find others that know the fear of truly seeing Him. And to try to help figure out a way to stop Him. I don't care what they say, He will die. With all the people trying to come up with a solution, it has to happen. Maybe one day things will go back to normal for us. Until then, we just have to keep thinking and trying.

Until next time, Ali.

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